Full Moon

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Each month just at the Full Moon Rise we leave the dock to be out there. 

We just move away from the city into the bay. Floating on the tides, we may have the winds as well. On cloudy and rain evenings it is up to the people who arrive where we shall go. Sometimes it is just a quiet conversation, with full attention. We tune into nearby energies.  Sometimes there is Ecstatic Dance just up the street. 

To attend a FULL MOON SAIL - it is your schedule that must be changed - Nature just does it anyways,  and does it on time. 

IMG 0898 Strawberry moon

Strawberry Moon in June 2023 The light air drift

Listen To The Ocean  

IMG 0905 Strawberry Moon

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June 2023, The Strawberry Moon , allowed Blue Rose to be the only Sailboat on the waters, holding course with the lightest of airs. 

IMG 0915 Strawberry moon solo City

Some Mindful people come from France to be Present, 

IMG 0086

Rising over the Snowy mountains 

FM feb 2020 City lights

Vancouver waters host a Full Moon 

FM April Bridge

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