Why Sail

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Blue Rose fragrant

It is Muscle Memory,  your mind of possibilities in your brain-body,  playing on the ancient waters. 

~~    Try the monthly FULL MOON on the horizon Sail   ~~

Your Captain is a Registered Social Worker in BC. 

In 2021, there is greater need to step away from the emotion and cognition turmoil caused by your feeling traumatized, and come see how you can Re-Wire your Brain to release your creative energies and assist in building resilient community.

 How ?   We can go out,  and only do sailing, or just sit on the deck and unwind. You can be the yoga and meditation seeker on deck - you can do that  at home,  we are on the ocean,  be mindful of how it is different. 

  Learn how you learn,  on waters, yes by doing,  or by just watching until you want to learn - by doing. But we are not entertainment. You sail fully alert and always moving.

Rose Pink Bush

You can add flowers and flavors and fragrances.  Whales, birds, crabs, salmon running, eagles watching. It is your Blue Rose story.

In playing on the ancient waters, our body just knows home, our modern brains in that Stone Age body can explore many places,  new places to create,  and even more to get happily lost, and return.  

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 A Blue Rose is something you create by working with nature.

 A Blue Rose is not created  by nature,  it is created by you - knowing of the energies of our natural world.  

This rose you will design is appreciated whenever you attune to those energies - in yourself, in the environment and in other people. 

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Sailing is;  moving in your craft,  created by you - without destroying, by using the powers nature provides. 

Your life can be like that. 

 Lets use the  a natural,  and a safe social place for your implicit and explicit knowing. Like sailing,  you can build a life of choice, navigating the powers consciously now. 

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Your Captain is a Registered Social Worker in BC. 

Yes, a Marine Based Social Worker. Using these ethics and experience of years in those interactions, you can ask anything. 

 We do not ask you to keep coming back to counseling and spend your money. Your support of Discovery Sailing and what they can do,  is voluntary.  We talk that over first as well.  Feel free to object anytime. Come on let us "step outside” and change a pattern.  

 You teach these 4 topics. 

#1 the Brain is adjustable- NeuroScience. 

#2 the diet is you .  

 #3 attune, listen, talk,  guide, share, mindful, spirit, meditate  #4 exercise, use your muscles, just go do it, get out there fix it.


Find your water, the wind waves, beaches, rocks, mountains , streams and rivers,  and all the trees and plants around you.  Coaching and teaching useful skills too: Be simple and drift, be complicated climb up in the rigging and into greasy mechanics, repair electrical designs while in the waves,  read charts, weather systems, navigation of the extreme tidal passages, maybe go sail in storms. 

~~  Which muscle memories do you want to create? ~~

    And we leave a clean wake .  >   PHOTOS 

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