Why Sail power 

It is Muscle Memory,  your mind in your brain-body,  playing on the ancient waters. This is not entertainment sailing. …   You are the one to live your own life in this socially pressured world.  In 2021, there is greater need to step away from the emotion and cognition turmoil and see how you can Re-Wire your Brain. 

 How ?  Well,  yes, we can go out,  and only do sailing, or just sit on the deck and unwind. You can be the yoga and meditation seeker on deck - you can do that in a closet at home,  we are on the ocean,  be mindful of how it is different.  Learn how you learn,  on waters by doing,  or by just watching until you want to learn - by doing.  Start anytime with a different conversation than you would have at home or in the coffee shop.  You can request the Blue Rose team lead, or guide or they just listen.  We must call attention to safety issues though. 

Then we can add flowers and fragrances. If you want, we can  begin to choose which socially constructed realities to play with today. You may still be stuck with a homebound relationship or personal trauma that needs be rebuilt or dissolved away into a good cause.  You can create more of that secret little person inside of you,  you can just be you. It is your Blue Rose story.

In playing on the ancient waters, our body just knows home, our modern brains in that Stone Age body can explore many places to create,  and even more to get happily lost.  It can all be so far away from your beginnings. 

 A Blue Rose is something you create by working with nature. It may be your enhancement of our own human nature, and you make it yourself. 

Do you seek a contrast to that predominant model of a consumer and money driven designed world ?   Ask:  where do your implicit memories come from? Where should they come from, is it yours then ?

 A Blue Rose is not created by nature,  it is created by knowing of the energies of our natural world, yet this rose you will design is appreciated whenever you attune to those energies,  similar energies and people tune in as well. 

Sailing is;  moving in your craft,  created by you. It moves without destroying, by using the powers nature provides. Your life can be like that. Yes life can be like that. Perhaps; what goes on inside your head, first came from things outside your head,  yes out there in your environment. 

 The 2 year old child imitates to find out how the world works, then they will try it out on their caregivers . How have caregivers responded?  Their response actually grew the child.  Did the caregiver see growth, were they just projecting their own hurts onto the child ?  All such growing has created your implicit reactions for your understanding of the world outside. You used it to be here now. 

 Should therapy go on and on, should it use up all your money ?  What are human brains wired for ?   Let us be mindful how counseling to rebuild insides  can be ineffective as we go out into the social connections in the world.  Will the normal pattern of social pressures, and repetition send you back to counseling ?  Create your own Blue Rose. 

 Lets use the  a natural,  and a safe social place for your implicit and explicit knowing. Like sailing,  you can build a life of choice, navigating the powers consciously now.   You may find yourself back in childhood, and may have the internal conversation with an inner child who is still seeking safety.  See the ISF page. You decide the homework. Group social sailings are very effective. 

Some Blue Roses need thorns in their support branches. Why ?   There can be a cycle of abuse from anywhere, which sends one back into the counseling room. We can assist with DBT style therapy as a crew may be used to. Not all counselors are safe,  not all friends are safe, not all gangs are safe,  we ask you about that.  

Where are you are stuck ? Is it on what some advisor has built around you? Ask:  does it isolate,  or is it love that protects?  We do not seek your constant returning to counseling for our cash benefits. Your support of Discovery Sailing and what they can do,  is voluntary.  We talk that over first as well.  Feel free to object anytime. Come on let us "step outside” and change a pattern.  

#1 the Brain is adjustable- NeuroScience.  #2 the diet is you .   #3 attune, listen, talk,  guide, share, mindful, spirit, meditate  #4 exercise, use your muscles, just go do it, get out there fix it.

Find your water, the wind waves, beaches, rocks, mountains , streams and rivers,  and all the trees and plants as being around you.  Be simple and drift, be complicated up in the rigging and into greasy mechanics, repair electrical designs while in the waves, navigation of the extreme tidal passages, and go sail in storms. Which muscle memories do you want to create? 

    © Ken Christie 2023